Kitchen Worktop Restoration

When it comes to Worktop restoration we provide a wide range of finishes to best suit the design and purpose of the area.

our team works efficiently to ensure the work carried out is done safely and respectfully to your living space.

With over 35 years of experience in resurfacing wooden furnishings, you can trust our team to provide you with a finish to be proud of.

Please feel free to enquire about your free quote and the specialist finishes we offer!


A Matte finish will provide your Kitchen Worktop with a modern look to add an edge to the design of you’re Kitchen.


A Satin finish will give you’re Kitchen Worktop a sophisticated look that will gift any living space with a elegant design.


A High Gloss finish will grant you’re Kitchen Worktop with a dramatic, statement piece. The Gloss will allow any wood to have highlighted features in its grain adding a real beauty to the worktop.

All our finishes are coated with a specialist clear heatproof lacquer.
Perfect for Kitchens – the lacquer allows you to place hot objects directly onto the finished wooden surface without causing any damage.
On top of this the lacquer is also waterproof and therefore makes the surface easier to clean and prevents water damage.

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